What Happened to Google Maps?

“Given these trends, it’s likely that Google Maps was optimized for mobile — and this explains some of the changes we observed earlier.

Unfortunately, these “optimizations” only served to exacerbate the longstanding imbalances already in the maps. As is often the case with cartography: less isn’t more. Less is just less. And that’s certainly the case here.

Google should add some of the cities back to its maps, and the maps would be better and more balanced.

I hope that they do.”

What Happened to Google Maps? — Justin O’Beirne

I hope they do too.

It never hit me before reading this piece by Justin O’Beirne, but now that I have, I just can’t look at Google Maps the same way again. It provides remarkable insight into how mobile usage is shaping the products and services we love.

Highly recommended read.