Battery Life Chagrin  

“Something that’s not an issue is overcharging. Contrary to what you might think (or have been told), leaving your phone or laptop plugged in all the time is not bad for its battery. That’s because your gadgets, the batteries in them, and the chargers you attach them to are actually pretty smart about the way they do business. Trickle charge—what your battery gets when it’s connected and full—is way less detrimental to the battery’s health than a larger discharge would be.”

Andrew Goldberg from Popular Mechanics

Like with almost everything in life, once you take the time to learn more about it, you realise everything you thought you knew was wrong.

iPhone 5 launch date, LTE compatability in Switzerland

iPhone 5 will be available with Swisscom starting the 28th September. The Nano Sim cards will be available at launch. Currently, we cannot provide any further indications on pricing or availability.

4G/LTE: Swisscom is excited about the the new iPhone 5 announcement, a smartphone that will support 4G/LTE. Swisscom will launch Switzerland’s first 4G/LTE network in Switzerland in December 2012. For the moment, we do not yet know when it will be possible to use the iPhone 5 on Swisscom’s 4G/LTE network. The device will need to be tested by both Apple and Swisscom on our 4G/LTE network to ensure the best possible user experience.
Nearly ALL iOS 6 features (yes, this means local Siri intergration and turn by turn directions). Notable exeptions however, include: 3D Buildings for maps, Siri Restaurant Reservations,  Siri Movie Reviews, Siri Movie Showtimes and  iTunes TV Shows (To check what features are available in your country, visit’s Feature list broken down by country)

UPDATE: Christina Neuhaus, Swisscom’s public spokesmen, has confirmed via Twitter that the iPhone 5 will in fact work on Swisscom’s 4G/LTE network when it launches in December. (Swisscom 4G/LTE will be available in 12 cities accross Switzerland at launch. More info HERE)