Microsoft Surface Studio

Gorgeous new hardware from Microsoft. And such irony that Microsoft’s renaissance could very well come from targeting creative pros, an area that Apple has seemingly forgotten all about.

Microsoft’s biggest obstacles will be wether creative pro’s are ready to buy into a Microsoft computer and use Windows 10. While it’s true that Windows 10 is a massive improvement on previous Windows iterations, most creatives would still rather be on MacOS. Furthermore, currently rock solid industry favourites like the Cintiq 22 HD offer creative pros the option of setting up on their existing Mac or a PC, for under $2000.

Microsoft has a huge opportunity here. I really hope it works out for them. Somebody needs to look after the creative pros. And it doesn’t “seem” like Apple is interested anymore.

Let’s see what happens at tonight’s Mac event!

Useful Presidential Skills

In the interviews, which occurred in Mr. Trump’s office and apartment in Trump Tower in Manhattan, he is by turns animated and bored, boastful and stubborn when prodded toward soul-searching. “No, I don’t want to think about it,” he said when Mr. D’Antonio asked him to contemplate the meaning of his life. “I don’t like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see.”

Michael Barbaro for The New York Times

Many would agree that Introspection and self-analysis are recurring traits in most of the great leaders of our shared history. Certainly some I’d find useful in a President…

The Weird Economics of Ikea

…all that wood is turned into furniture that tries to bring a spare, modern aesthetic to the masses. “We’re talking about democratizing design,” Marty Marston, a product public relations manager at Ikea, told me.

The furniture is also sold according to some unique economics. In many cases, Ikea’s famously affordable pieces get dramatically cheaper year after year. In others, prices creep up. In some cases, products disappear entirely. The result is an ever-evolving, survival-of-the-fittest catalog that wields an enormous amount of influence over residential interiors.

Oliver Roeder for FiveThirtyEight

Apple, Samsung and Good Design

In 1947, Porsche began work on its 356. In many ways it was like the original iPhone. It wasn’t perfect. It was underpowered. But it was streamlined and aerodynamic. From the 356 to the 911, a distinctive marriage of form, function, design, and brand ruled every design. It became the core around which Porsche was built.

Om Malik for The New Yorker